The Pandemic and its Impact on Animal Protein Sales

The future is hard to predict with COVID-19; however, what we do know is that the pandemic has impacted our consumption and purchasing habits. This presentation provides an overview of the actual impacts of the pandemic on the sales of pork (and other proteins in Quebec) and the opportunities to seize from them.

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Francis Parisien
Vice President Eastern Canada Nielsen Canada

Francis Parisien has worked for over 20 years for Nielsen in Canada.  He’s been Vice-President, Eastern Canada for the last 5 years, reporting directly to the General Manager for Nielsen Canada.  As such, he’s responsible for the teams in charge of Quebec and Atlantic manufacturers.

For the last year or two, he has been multiplying presentations at several events, meeting established producers & manufactures, as well as start-ups who are making their debut in this hyper-competitive market; with his team, his mission was to find a way to work with all the players in the Industry, in order to allow them to take advantage of all possible growth opportunities.  All this while keeping abreast of the best from around the world, working with colleagues from other Nielsen offices to make the information available to all its partners.

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