Le Porc Show Culinary Students Contest

In 2016, Le Porc Show decided to work with culinary students and developed a partnership with the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec, more specifically with the class of the Signature ITHQ Advanced Culinary Arts Program. Since then, we are pleased to be an integral part of the academic program of their fall semester, which allows us to present them the added value of our sector and the quality of our products.

Through different activities that we get to experience with them, namely the presentation of the pork industry and its actors, as well as a cutting workshop and a culinary workshop presented by a renowned chef, an alumnus of ITHQ who frequently cooks with Quebec pork, we introduce future chefs to a high-quality local product.

At last, the Quebec Pork Week at ITHQ comes to an end with a high-level culinary competition; Le Porc Show Culinary Students Contest. During this competition, the Advanced Culinary Arts students grouped in teams must create bites featuring three cuts of pork. A jury, composed of guest judges, evaluates the food and designates the finalist teams that share a $3,000 purse.

The Winner of the 6th edition of Le Porc Show Culinary Students Contest

The Winner of the 5th edition of Le Porc Show Culinary Students Contest

The Winners of the 4th edition of Le Porc Show Culinary Students Contest

Recipe of the Winning bite

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