My connected farm: Proactive management to real-time breeding

Want to optimize the performance of your farms? Real-time proactive management has become essential. Allowing for the daily planning of various criteria, obtaining specific performance indicators will help you make faster decisions and thus improve your productivity.


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Christian Blais, agr.
General Manager, Isoporc

Christian Blais has been working for Trouw Nutrition Canada (Shur-Gain) for nearly 25 years. He has been General Manager of Gène-Alliance since it was founded in 1995, and, since 2010, has also been General Manager at Meunerie St-Hugues and Isoporc. These businesses are renowned in the Quebec pork industry.

Christian grew up on a dairy farm, which stimulated his interest in agriculture. He then pursued his university studies in Agronomy at Université Laval, in Animal Production. With his 32 years of experience, he touches on all sectors of hog production, and has given many conferences and provided lots of training to date.

He spends most of his time managing Isoporc inc., a crucial link in the Quebec pork sector. With its unique business model, this company is characterized by pig farming on a fee with 150 owner-partners producing 500,000 animals. Christian Blais leads a team of agronomists, veterinarians and agricultural technicians. Since his arrival, he made numerous changes and brought many innovations that helped improve the zootechnical performances of the pig farms and reduce production costs, while complying with the family values of the business, which acknowledges private entrepreneurship.

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