Is quarantining worth it?

The concept of quarantining youngstock, for sow farms, is well known and its efficiency well recognized. This procedure, largely underutilized, could prevent herd contaminations with unfortunate consequences. Let’s review the concept, its advantages and disadvantages, and the possibility of a simple application on your farm.

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Martin Choinière, DVM
Bureau vétérinaire Martin Choinière DVM Inc. and RP2R sec.

Dr. Martin Choinière graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Université de Montréal in 1993.

He is a consultant for RP2R S.E.C. and Sollio Cooperative Group where he supervises the health of 500,000 porks a year.

Special interests: regional PRRS transmission and control, judicial use of antibiotics and the transportation of compromised porks.

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