Global Pig Farming Situation Amidst Major Health and Commercial Events

COVID-19 and ASF have upset the balance of pork worldwide, both in terms of production and pork product trade. Other national and international events also influence the evolution of production. The main future trends and perspectives will be presented.

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Jan Peter van Ferneij
Senior Analyst Animal Protein IFIP

Jan Peter van Ferneij started working at the Institut Technique Français du Porc (IFIP) in 1990. During his career, he conducted studies on economic markets. The studies dealt with the main pork producing countries in the European Union, Central Europe, North America, China and other countries of the world.

He is currently working on observing and analyzing the evolutions of the pork industry in foreign markets, based on the collection and analysis of news, comments and data from the main pork producing and consuming countries worldwide. The goal is to place French competitivity in the international context. Special attention is paid to the knowledge of the meat industry in France, the EU and key production areas in the world. This information is used to anticipate future trends and changes at various levels in the pork industry.

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