This conference will be given in French by the speaker and simultaneously translated into English.


(Please note that the times mentioned refer to Eastern Time Zone)

December 3, 2020

9:00 am

Host Opening Speech

Host: Vincent Cloutier, Agr., National Bank

9:05 am

Facts and fiction around livestock’s impact on air quality and climate

Frank Mitloehner, Ph. D. Professor and Air Quality Extension Specialist, Davis University


10:10 am

Livestock Management

The role of fibre in sow nutrition… a practical approach in formulation of diets for sows (Livestock Management)

Georg Dusel, P.Ag, Ph. D. Professor of Animal Nutrition and Health University of Applied Sciences - TH Bingen


10:45 am


Eradicating PRRS at Home at a Reasonable Cost (Health)

François Cardinal, DVM, M. Sc. Services vétérinaires ambulatoires Triple-V Inc.

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