Germany: The Pork Industry During COVID – What is Going on in the World?

We have been experiencing a major human health crisis for the past few months. This crisis has impacted nearly every economic sector, including agriculture and the pork production chain. Let us look at how China, Germany, Brazil and the United States faced the situation and what the impacts were on the pork sectors of these countries, but ours as well.

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Albert Hortmann-Scholten, Ph. D.
Market analyst, Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony

Dr. Hortmann-Scholten is head of the business consulting department of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture in Oldenburg. The farmer's son comes from the Lower Rhine (Kalkar-Wissel). After graduating from high school, he studied agriculture until his prediploma at the University of Göttingen. He then completed an agricultural apprenticeship and then a sixmonth internship at a dairy farm in Virginia (USA).

This was followed by the main degree in agriculture with a focus on animal production and economics at the University of Bonn. After graduating, he worked for two years as a doctoral student at the station of the Breeding and Insamination Cooperative Rheinland (ZBR) at Gut Schmitthausen in Kleve-Kellen. After completing his doctorate, Dr. Hortmann-Scholten completed an apprenticeship for the higher agricultural service at the Government Presidium of Münster. Since 1 September 1990, he has held various functions at Chamber of Agriculture in Oldenburg.

Dr. Albert Hortmann-Scholten is appreciated in practice as a competent expert in economic issues of animal husbandry and in particular finishing production. As a profound expert on the issues of competitiveness and market analysis, he has recently become increasingly in demand as a speaker and author on the official use of livestock farming.

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