Quality weaned pig: A cornerstone of growing pig excellence

In nursery or in wean to finish operation, we are receivers from the sow farm. We must first understand what will be receiving to tailor our efforts for the quality of weaned pig received to strive for growing pig excellence. We must also define “Quality” which includes weaning weight efficiency (weaning age/weaning weight), Thriftiness, Healthy, and Consistency.

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Nathaniel Stas, B. Sc., M. Sc.
Technical Services Manager PIC USA Inc.

Nat Stas is a Technical Services Manager for PIC, joining the company in May of 2017. Mr. Stas has been in the commercial swine industry for 10 years, gathering experience within production, research and academia. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Pennsylvania State University, he spent some time in production.  Mr. Stas then went onto complete a Masters Degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois with Dr. Mike Ellis, focusing on swine genetics and reproduction.

In addition to Nat’s commitment to the commercial swine industry, he currently stays involved in the American Society of Animal Science and many livestock youth development and swine research programs. Nat Stas resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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