Pig feed challenges in 2020


The pig feed industry faces constant changes and the next few years will be no different.

The new rules and standards for antibiotics and their use, the addition of certain minerals in large doses, such as zinc and copper, and the biosecurity aspect of certain ingredients from countries with diseases such as the African swine fever, are and will remain issues of media in the years to come.

Our safety net is wearing thin. The presentation will offer possible solutions and approaches to food and management, which will help producers adapt more easily to changes.



Dan Bussières, agr.
Co-Owner, Groupe Cérès inc.

Dan Bussières, a swine nutritionist graduated in 1996 from Laval University in Quebec, and his partner, founded Groupe Cérès Inc. in 2004. This company, based in Lévis, specializes in all areas of swine production. Groupe Ceres service offer includes consulting services in swine production, production and distribution of breeding stock and sales of nutritional products. Groupe Ceres is also involved in swine production managing a net work that produce over 250 000 pigs annually, Dan works on the development and monitoring of nutrition programs for swine producers all over Canada. Group Cérès Inc. and its affiliates influence the feeding of more than 4.5 million pigs annually, which include the supervision of the nutrition and R&D for HyLife, one of the top 2 swine producers in Canada. He is also doing consulting in nutrition and production with Tianzow breeding a company in China that has 80 000 sows in production. Dan is working with many industry partners to conduct field research projects which aim at developing new feed programs in order to optimize the performances of pig, their profitability and to improve meat quality. He has done many presentations for producer meeting or at different conference/seminar in swine production. Today, Groupe Cérès Inc. employs more than 80 people and is committed to continue working with Canadian-produced pigs.

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