How does marketing influence our food choices?

Do you believe you make rational decisions at the grocery store? This conference will show the importance of emotions and impressions on our decisions, and how marketers manipulate them to influence us. It will also namely look at the role of product allegations and how pork can make good use of them.


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David Poirier, MBA
Innovation Manager, Olymel S.E.C./L.P.

With an MBA from H.E.C., David has combined expertise in various marketing fields. Indeed, he spent six years working as a consumer research professional at Ad Hoc Research, and then at Molson Coors. He also worked on product development for this last company, which namely involved the difficult task of tasting a wide variety of beers! He then made the leap to brand management, where he held numerous positions for the Coors Light, Molson Dry and Rickard’s brands. He led national programs and was part of the international product development team for the Coors Light brand.

After nine years spent working with beer, he spent nine more working with bacon and chicken wings! At Olymel S.E.C., David was head of the marketing function for six years, for the Lafleur, Flamingo and Olymel brands, namely supervising the birth of Oly and Mel, well-known “deli meat aficionados” in Quebec. For the past three years, he has been Innovation and Development Manager for processed products.

David loves good food and fine meats, and is himself influenced by several marketing trends that he will share during his conference.

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This conference will be given in English by the speaker and simultaneously translated into French.

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