Evolution of Spanish Pork Production. Will it continue?

Spain has had a strong development of the pig sector becoming the third country in the world in pig farming and the fourth in pork production. The new social and especially environmental challenges will play a very important role in maintaining pig production not only in Spain but in the whole European Union.

Miguel Angel Higuera, DVM
Executive Director, Anprogapor

Dr. Miguel Angel Higuera obtained his diploma in Veterinary Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, in 2000. He also has a Masters in Pig Production, with a speciality in Pig Breeding.

He is the Executive Director of the Spanish Pig Producers Association (ANPROGAPOR) since 2011.

He is also Chairman of the Working Party Animal Health and Welfare and the Vice Chairman of the Working Party Pigmeat in Copa-Cogeca (Brussels). He is Vice Chairman of I+Porc, a Spanish innovation cluster on pig breeding. Furthermore, he is the Pig Health Coordinator of the European Federation for Animal Health, a guest expert for various groups of the European Commission, a Consultant for the European Reference Centre on Animal Welfare and a member of the European Meat and Livestock Trade Organization.

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