The Animal Threat, Decoding an Antispeciecist War Machine


French antispeciecist movements, brings together radicalized neo-antisystem militants looking for a fight. Their purpose: introduce their ideology in legislation and asphyxiate animal sectors with the progressive addition of new constraints. We will analyze the strategy and methods of this type of association, and present the collective strategy of breeders and businesses to offset them. An initial experience that may be very useful in Quebec in the near future…   


Jacques Crolais, P. Ag.
Director, Union des Groupements de Productions de Viande de Bretagne

Director of the Union des Groupements de Producteurs de Viande de Bretagne and the Comité Régional Porcin de Bretagne. Jacques Crolais is namely the founding member of the strategic committee Les z’Homninvores, a Breton collective initiative with a national outreach and universal scope whose vocation is to share humanist and progressive convictions to counter the radicalized antispeciesist ideology.

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