Swine genetics: its evolution from yesterday to tomorrow

The conference will review the genetic improvements achieved over the past 50 years for a growing number of genetic characteristics, will predict the technological advancements that are likely to materialize over the next few years, and will describe their possible impacts on future swine genetic improvement.


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Daniel Godbout, M.Sc. agr.
Geneticist - Genetic Service Manager, PIC Canada Ltd

Daniel Godbout has a Bachelors and Masters in Animal Sciences from Université Laval. From 1985 to 2013, he worked for Génétiporc as Head Geneticist of the Genetics Program, and also as R&D Manager for Génétiporc and Groupe Breton of St-Bernard-de-Beauce, a business that was then fully integrated into hog production. He also took on various responsibilities in the genetic and technical development and support of Génétiporc, with various Canadian and American clients (North, Central, South).

With Génétiporc being bought out by PIC in 2013, his first task was to ensure the transfer of elite genes from the genetic lines of Génétiporc to the nucleus herds of PIC. He then managed the genetic services of PIC clients in Canada and certain American accounts. He also managed the genetic services in Latin America.

Over the last few years, he has been actively involved in the development of new talent at PIC, eager to work in genetic services throughout the world. The goal is to provide rigorous training to future professionals and geneticists, by focusing on early detection of client needs and implementation of structured and practical strategies with account managers and other technical stakeholders, to accelerate the efficient dissemination of the genetic progress of PIC’s nucleus farms to commercial farms.

Throughout the 35 years he spent as a hog production professional, Daniel Godbout also sat on numerous provincial and national committees promoting the development of Canadian hog genetics and fundamental and applied hog research. He has also been a CIPQ board member for nearly 10 years. He describes himself as a generalist, first and foremost, who is indeed passionate about genetics, but even more so about strategies that can be implemented to foster the expression of the full genetic potential of commercial farms, for the economic benefit of hog producers.

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