Le Porcast, the official Podcast of Le Porc Show 2022!

Le Porccast, the Quebec pork production podcast, in collaboration with Le Porc Show, will be back this year (In french only).

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What is Porcast: Porcast is a podcast on pork production that mainly targets producers, managers and farm workers, but also the stakeholders. Hosted voluntarily by JP (Jean-Philippe Martineau), agronomist and nutritionist, and Louis (Louis-Philippe Roy), a pig farmer, it is delivered in a friendly and convening tone. Its purpose is to challenge production techniques in a vision of continuous improvement. Broadcasted live once a month via Facebook live, the spontaneous discussions between the co-hosts and participants through chat as well as the background videos bring an interactive aspect that differs from usual presentations.


Who is Louis-Philippe Roy: Having started in the pork sector as a teenager, Louis-Philippe gained his experience by working on various farms where he particularly excelled in gestation. In order to own his own business, he completed a distance learning attestation of collegiate studies in Farm Business Management at Cégep Beauce-Appalaches. He has been a pig farmer in St-Michel-de-Bellechasse since 2013 and owns a sow farrow farm with 210 sows. Wanting to play an active role in the decisions made by his organization, he became President of Éleveurs de porcs des Deux-Rives and Vice-President of Éleveurs de porcs du Québec in the spring of 2017. Louis-Philippe’s ambition is to improve the conditions of all farmers while continuing to work actively on his own farm and to optimize its performance.


What is Jean-Philippe Martineau, M.Sc., Agr.: After having completed his BACC in Agronomy and his Masters in Animal Sciences at Université Laval, Jean-Philippe launched his career at Hylife, in Manitoba. Hylife, with its 100,000 sows, allowed him to perfect his skills in pork nutrition. After 4 years he came back to Quebec to join the Groupe Cérès and Nutrition Athéna team. Research and development being at the heart of the priorities of Nutrition Athéna, this allows Jean-Philippe to be up to date when he develops feed or advises clients.

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