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MSP[RS]® Resistant Starch is a prebiotic upcycled from potatoes.  MSP[RS] Resistant Starch feeds the friendly bacteria in the gut microbiome to improve health and mitigate scours. MSP[RS] comes in a powder form that is palatable and can easily be added to the feed, or the farrowing crate. It can effectively be used at many critical times – birth, weaning, post-weaned pigs and can also be fed to lactating sows.

MSP[RS] Resistant Starch works by increasing the population friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.  This increases the production of short-chain fatty acids, such as butyrate, which change the pH level in the digestive tract, making the environment unfavorable for pathogenic bacteria. The increase in the production of butyrate helps fuel the growth of coloncytes, and increases the mucosal layer adding to the first line of defence against pathogens.  There is extensive academic research that supports using MSP[RS] to reduce scours in swine while maintaining performance.

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