Risk management, never without my costs

Over the last year, we were reminded that protecting the sales price of pork in advance is good and also that protecting input prices is even better because record price doesn’t always mean record margin. Margin management is thus part of sound risk management, a challenge that Groupe Porc LV is trying to take on.

This twofold conference will therefore teach you more about risk management as well as present the testimony of a producer.

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Eric Fournier, Agr.
President Fournier Agri-Conseil

With a Bachelors in Agroeconomics from Université Laval, he has made risk management his main occupation for the past 10 years now.

His passion for futures markets brought him to create his consulting firm, Fournier Agri-Conseil, and set up a website, Bid-Agri.com, dedicated to the dissemination of market information. Drawing on his extensive experience, he is known as one of the few senior risk management consultants in the province by Réseau Agriconseils. Speculation is not an option for him.

Daniel Leblond
Breeder Groupe Porc LV

Daniel Leblond has been a food representative, in the pork division, since 1998 for Olier Grisé. He is also the owner of Agri Distribution DL Inc., which specializes in the distribution and collection of vegetable oil since 2012. He is a shareholder of Meunerie de St-Frédéric and has been its Pork Director since 2017. Lastly, he is a shareholder and General Manager of Groupe Porc LV Inc., a farrow-to-finish company with 1,200 sows that produce approximately 32,000 porks a year for slaughter. Daniel has been closely involved in various aspects of family farm’s pork production in Quebec for more than 20 years.

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