New Government, New Challenges, Same Approach…

Far too often Trade Associations expect government to use their limited political capital with little or no familiarity with them. Government will always be very cautious to do so. What is critical to be successful with government is to build and cultivate a relationship when you don’t need anything from or of them other than to be broadly familiar with you and your key objectives. That relationship and trust is critical when there is a crisis such as we have experienced and industry needs government and so too government needs industry to advance key public policies. As we begin with a “new” government Trade Associations will scramble to be seen and heard. There is a more nuanced and measured way of ensuring the new government knows you and will want to build a relationship with you as we have done at CMC these past number of years.

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Christopher White
President and CEO Canadian Meat Council

Chris White has over 25 years’ experience working in and with government, including senior executive roles such as President/CEO, Vice President and Chief of Staff. Proficient knowledge of government relations and the inner-workings of the Canadian federal government.

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