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JYGA Technologies is the manufacturer of GESTAL swine feeding systems and ROBUST equipment. Having owners that are pork producers too, JYGA Technologies’ equipment and feeding systems are designed to meet producers’ needs while lasting over time. With the best after-sales service on the industry, the family company now has the 3rd generation working in the administration and can count of satisfied customers in more than 40 countries around the world.

We are now proud to add the GESTAL L-TRACK to our lines of products. The GESTAL L-Track revolutionizes the way feed bin levels are monitored, thanks to its advanced functions and user-friendly interface. Compatible with all types of feed bins due to its versatile installation options, it becomes an excellent tool for optimizing transport routes, improving operational and logistical efficiency for all types of production. With access to valuable information at your fingertips, you can consult in real time via our VISION software and share your data with any feed management systems you or your supplier use. GESTAL L-Track is the ideal ally for more efficient and intelligent feed management.

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